Family Friendly

If you are thinking about travelling with your family and children you should consider coming to the country that has the best wine and food in the world and is also one of the richest in traditions, history and beautiful natural landscapes: Italy.

Usually, the traditional idea of a warm summer Italian evening spent relaxing in a reclinable chair in a patio, looking over fields filled with colors and shimmering lights while sipping on a delicate glass of Prosecco wine is totally incompatible with the idea of travelling with children.

Despite this, at our country house we do our best to make this magically possible.

A recurring problem when travelling with children is packing up everything you need, such things as toys, DVDs, potty-chairs, blenders, milk warmers, DVD players and much more, which become almost impossible to carry if you are travelling by airplane, for most companies have a rigid maximum 15/20 kg limit.

Our apartements already come fully equipped with everything your family needs, so that you can relax and focus on enjoying your holiday, confident that Valentina, the owner, has already provided you with all the essential.

And what about adults, you may ask? A peaceful environment far from the frenzy of city life, the beautiful Italian summer and spectacular rural sceneries await you here.